The best European Network for Large Multinationals.
Tecdis connects the European economic centres and ensures daily coverage in the main cities, fixed rates and stable transits.


Reliability on wheels, we carry your loads with precision. Efficiency in every kilometer, connecting destinations without limits. Our land network, your bridge to logistical success.


Tailor-made solutions, designed for your logistical challenges. Innovation in every step, anticipating your needs. Our goal is to simplify, your satisfaction is our reason for being.


At the heart of the supply chain, we are the engine of efficiency. Connecting dots, optimizing processes, we create flow in chaos. Logistics is our art, your peace of mind our result.


At the forefront of the industry, we drive progress with every move. Constant innovation, tailored solutions, shaping the future together. In every challenge, we find opportunities to grow and thrive.


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    About us

    Between the starting point and the destination there is HTM Logistics

    HTM Logistics keeps your business moving and your cargo on the right track.

    We study each case in a personalized way, thus applying the necessary resources to provide the service with the highest quality. We carry out a logistics process adapted to the specific needs of each case, achieving the correct handling of the equipment and the total satisfaction of our clients.

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